Dissertation Defense

MyDigitalFootprint.ORG: Young People and the Proprietary Ecology of Everyday Data was successfully defended, with distinction, on 14 February 2013 at the CUNY Graduate Center. The dissertation defense is the final examination that must be passed to attain a doctorate. This defense was open to the public and live streamed online.

The following is the official recording of the public defense:

Order of questions from Dissertation Committee: 1) Dr. Torin Monahan, UNC Chapel Hill; 2) Dr. Anders Albrechtslund, Aarhus Universitet; 3) Dr. Michelle Fine, CUNY Graduate Center; 4) Dr. Joseph Glick, CUNY Graduate Center; 5) Dr. Joan Greenbaum, CUNY Graduate Center; 6) Dr. Cindi Katz (Chair), CUNY Graduate Center.

WATCH the project presentation that preceded the final examination